Facility for registration of IRP/RPs made available on the GST Portal

  • Insolvency Resolution Professionals/ Resolution Professionals (IRPs/RPs), appointed to undertake corporate insolvency resolution proceedings for Corporate Debtors, in terms of Notification. No 11/2020-CT, dated 21st March 2020 can apply for a new registration on GST Portal, on behalf of the Corporate Debtors, in each of the States or Union Territories, on the PAN and CIN of the Corporate Debtor, where the corporate debtor was registered earlier, within thirty days of their appointment as IRP/RP.
  • They should select the Reason for Registration as “Corporate Debtor undergoing the Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process with IRP/RP” from the drop-down menu.
  • The date of commencement of business for IRP/RPs will be the date of their appointment. Their compliance liabilities will also come into effect from the date of their appointment.
  • The person appointed as IRP/RP shall be the Primary Authorized Signatory for the newly registered Company.
  • In the Principal Place of business/ Additional place of business, the details as specified in the original registration of the Corporate Debtors is required to be entered.
  • The new registration application shall be submitted electronically on GST Portal under DSC of the IRP/RP
  • The new registration by IRP/RP will be required only once. In case of a change in IRP/RP, after the initial appointment, it would be deemed to be a change of authorized signatory and not an appointment of a distinct person requiring a fresh registration.
  • In cases where the RP is not the same as IRP, or in cases where a different IRP/RP is appointed midway during the insolvency process, the change in the GST system may be carried out by a non- core amendment in the registration form.
  • The change in Primary Authorized Signatory details on the portal can be done either by the authorised signatory of the Company or by the concerned jurisdictional officer (if the previously authorized signatory does not share the credentials with his successor) on request of IRP/RP
Source: www.gst.gov.in

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